Barefoot Performance Sailing (BPS) offers a portfolio of exciting, high-quality boats for sale that are professionally tuned for maximum comfort and performance.  Our base is in St Vincent and the Grenadines, in the southern Caribbean, but we work with clients throughout the USA, Canada, the UK, and many other countries.  All of our boats are available for individual purchase, or for deployment in the Barefoot Charter Fleet, which offers a good return on your investment.

We search the world for new designs with advanced engineering and quality construction, such as our latest offering: the revolutionary Christophe Barreau TS42 Catamaran, by Marsaudon Composites, France.

The TS42 has been described as “fast, and spectacular”; and we believe it will shake up the catamaran world in a good way!

To experience the speed and ease of the TS42, and to see its remarkable open space for yourself, just call our toll-free number: 888-245-1638.

BPS is also making available exciting sailing innovations

Such as foiling systems; and a breakthrough wing system that can be utilized by multihull and monohull sailboats.

One of our favorite sport boats, the K8:  designed by Nicolas Goldenberg and powered by the SRW rig, built by Advanced Wing Systems, Australia.



Contact us for the latest numbers

See us at the Annapolis Sailboat Show, or visit our Caribbean base anytime in the Grenadines just west of Barbados.

We are open year round, 7 days a week. For a complete list of all boats for sale in the BPS portfolio, and for investment opportunities, call toll-free:
1-888-245-1638, USA/Canada.

Join Philip Barnard, professional sailor as he takes on the world in offshore sailing.